Internal auditing

Internal auditing focuses on identifying and addressing potential weaknesses and security risks, as well as regular security reviews. IAC Audit is responsible for compliance with internal and external policies, rules and guidelines and also helps define guidelines, recommendations, and best practices to help improve security across the organization.

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Security technology is one of the most important tools used to secure IT assets (visit and get all the details). The information security services provided can make security assessment and monitoring of the security risk easier. The ability to detect and investigate malware, and assess the security of email systems provides a window into the security posture of the organization. The technology supports best practices in security and anti-malware, can monitor security applications, and provide a greater understanding of threat indicators.

In-house security forces are established in the organization and are responsible for providing the financial, technical, and operational resources necessary for achieving and maintaining a high level of security. Security teams maintain and manage personnel security policies, and closely monitor the identification and separation of sensitive information. Security policies and procedures assist in the process of securing and maintaining information and systems.
Security assessments cover all data as well as applications, desktops, laptops, tablets, networks, endpoints, and mobile devices. Security assessments help identify and reduce vulnerabilities that affect data, network, and application access and user interactions with those systems. Security policies and procedures assist in the coordination of business operations to meet defined security objectives and to establish effective controls for protection and auditing.
Systems intrusion analysis (SEAs) is a tool used to quickly and easily identify and resolve security issues. Software vulnerabilities are found by having a trained analyst identify the vulnerabilities and craft a presentation for a developer to assess the severity and further develop a fix. In-depth discussions with developers help determine if the software will be able to reproduce the issue and the capabilities needed to resolve the issue, and if so, whether the fix will be successful. ESET provides tools to help companies detect, analyze, and remediate threats and attacks.
When an organization faces an attack, it can be difficult to determine if it was caused by a known vulnerability. The second type of security vulnerability assessment is the auditing of vendor releases, but the practicality of such a process is limited by the speed of the delivery of a vulnerability that can be applied in a matter of hours or days. Further, performing vulnerability assessments in a timely manner is not a feasible strategy when the threat may have already been detected. Instead, ESET helps companies identify and prioritize vulnerabilities in the latest security products and software releases. By employing high-level strategy to increase visibility into a target organization, enterprises can reduce the risk of having an effective strategy for scanning and mitigation developed well after a breach.

Developing a companywide mitigation strategy, and developing the technical and business case to go public, takes time and provides input from a wide range of external sources in order to successfully implement a comprehensive strategy and documentation of the prevention process. ESET is a partner to assist corporations in the development of such an information security strategy. ESET makes your company secure at any price, and has your company’s back when you need it most.


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